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Love is in the air. We will be celebrating Valentine's Day with Candy Grams, as well as PTA is bringing out the Smoothie Bike at lunch on Tuesday. With the help of our PTA volunteers we will be making fruit smoothies with student pedaling power on the bike. It should be a fun day. Be sure to check in with your child. For some this is a hard day. Send your child a note in their lunch box, backpack, or on the mirror in the bathroom they get ready in. An extra hug or "I love you" means so much, and our children need to hear it as often as possible.

Don't forget to register for next year if you have a returning student. If you are moving out of Burlingame or going to a different school, please let us know you will not be returning. Just email [email protected], as soon as you know. Our student numbers will determine our staffing levels and we certainly do not want to be under staffed next year. If you are on an INter-district transfer, these contracts need to be reviewed each year, please get the process started so you are able to return. Let us know if you need help. Returning families should have received SnapCodes already.

We are very concerned about mental health of our children and how social media is impacting them in a negative way. There are many articles with research some about the concerns and some more positive, however we are living middle school everyday and seeing concerning behaviors. I discussed some of these issues at the PTA meeting last night. Students are having a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) and becoming more and more anti-social or putting up with being mistreated by their peers (unhealthy relationships). We have been seeing more and more young girls cutting their arms (self-injurious behavior) to "feel the pain."

Where are our students getting these ideas? I believe from social media. We ask that you discuss these issues (Smoking/Vaping/Alcohol/Drugs, Cutting Classes, Cutting themselves/Self-injurious behavior) with your child(ren). I want our children to be well informed about these topics, so if faced with them at school or in the community they have the information to make good decisions. I have attached an article, Why Social Media Is Not Smart for Middle School Kids, by Victoria L. Dunckley M.D. from Psychology Today.

I hope the weekend is SUPER!


Mrs. Erica Gilbert, Principal

Dr. Jermaine Williams, Asst. Principal

Mr. Tony Tsujisaka, Asst. Principal

Updated: February 13th, 2023