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Mission and Vision

BIS Mission

At BIS it is our mission to educate our students and to ensure academic growth, achievement and challenge for ALL as measured by formative and summative assessment.  We commit to a comprehensive system of support to achieve this goal.    

BIS Vision

As a staff, we are proud to work at a school where we hold high expectations for our students and ourselves.  Collaboration and open communication with all staff, students and parents is at the heart of who we are as professionals.  We value the rich learning environment we offer, where our curriculum challenges students through instruction that meets the needs of our diverse student body.  Our classrooms are clean and well equipped to provide opportunities for our students to succeed in a learning atmosphere that is exciting, stimulating, and success-oriented. On a daily-basis, we expect our students to: 

remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, create, communicate, and collaborate! 

We model these expectations for our students and pride ourselves in being lifelong learners by seeking out educational and collaborative opportunities to improve our craft.  

At the end of the day, we embrace all that the middle school culture offers and look forward to tomorrow.

As students, we are proud to take an active role in our education, where the adults expect us to be respectful, to persevere, and to appreciate our learning opportunities.  As the student body, we encourage each other to reach our potential and hold each other to high standards.  We understand that failure is not an option; we are expected to attain mastery of the curriculum. we accept this responsibility and recognize the choices we must make in order to attain this goal.  We look forward to coming to a safe and healthy educational environment, where adults take a personal interest in each other and every one of us.  We reflect these positive relationships by respecting our differences and holding each other accountable to sustain the e values of our school.  We possess a high moral conscience and treat others and ourselves with respect.  

At the end of the day, we leave school with a sense of accomplishment and a desire to return the next day.

As parents, we are proud to be active participants in the education process and are a welcome part of the school culture and community.  We recognize that we play a key role in our children's education by providing basic needs, teach good work ethics at home and preparing our children to succeed at school.  We demonstrate a mutual respect of the education process by cooperating with staff to ensure the needs of our children are met.  We take responsibility to stay well informed of what is going on at school and on how our children are progressing both academically and socially.  We understand that school rules exist for the safety and well being of our students; we take responsibility for their success and behavior at school.  

At the end of the day, we are proud that we chose a school that provides a strong foundation to prepare our students to meet the rigorous demands of high school and beyond.